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PlantSight Around the World

PlantSight visits Arequipa, Peru

PlantSight is excited to make its debut as an exhibitor at Perumin, a mining convention that takes place in Arequipa, Peru. Perumin is expected to attract 80,000 people from the mining industry. What better place to showcase this innovative product than an international expo that plays host to the largest mining companies in the world! The PlantSight team looks forward to presenting this power tool to the mining world. The expo runs from September 16th to the 20th and PlantSight will be in the International Tent at Booth 1392. See you there!

PlantSight's Application Engineer
Michael Toone

Michael Toone has been the leader of PlantSight's technical team since the early stages of development. Michael studied engineering at the University of Utah and has the knowledge, creativity and capability to configure PlantSight to fit any projects' needs. Michael is a great asset to PlantSight and it shows through his excellent work ethic, ability, and "can do" attitude.

In his spare time he loves to spend time with his wife and daughter, work on and ride 4-wheelers, and explore the outdoors. He also enjoys reading and keeping up on new technologies.

In his performance on the job, Michael embodies what PlantSight is all about: The continual improvement of performance in the work place.

Michael and the PlantSight team are striving to incorporate technology into existing workflow that creates quality, efficiency and accuracy.
Michael believes that to be efficient, one must be innovative and constantly using new technology. He views PlantSight as a way to do this in the inspection process.

"PlantSight is the future of quality management." -Michael Toone

Introducing PlantSight

A New Solution to Quality Management

PlantSight is an innovative and paperless tool designed to fit your work and quality management needs, implemented for Engineering, Construction, Commissioning and Maintenance processes. PlantSight streamlines the execution and recording of inspections, test packages, routine maintenance, calibrations, and any other aspect of your quality control and quality assurance processes in heavy industry.

As a new, cloud-based solution to the work-flow process, PlantSight provides real time reporting and improves efficiency, accuracy and accountability for your QA/QC program.

PlantSight is customizable to fit any size of project. PlantSight is especially valuable when used as oversight of multiple plants or systems over a large geographical area. PlantSight also serves as a compliance tool where traceability and accountability are key points to the successful completion of a project.

PlantSight can save you substantial time and money through accurate and efficient real time issue identification, assignment, reporting, and follow-up.

What used to go on your clipboard now goes into PlantSight!

Uses of PlantSight

PlantSight has a number of applications in an industrial facility, and can be used for walkdowns, punchlist management, commissioning, and maintenance, just to name a few.

Accurate verification and validation are key components to a successful commissioning plan. PlantSight improves accuracy and efficiency of commissioning activities because:

  • Inspection data and pictures are entered directly to a database
  • Data is entered immediately from a mobile device
  • Information flows in real time
  • Reports are available immediately

Verification of instruments, equipment, and piping are linked to digital forms for inspection. Action items are assigned to specific personnel, and photographs can be taken and linked to the forms for clarity and accuracy. Reports are run in real time, providing precise and immediate status of commissioning activities. By using PlantSight for commissioning, monitoring and follow up of verification and validation tasks are accurate and efficient, saving time and money.