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Does PlantSight work on the iPad?
Absolutely! We recently completed our new PlantSight Pro 3.3 for iPad 2 and newer versions. Users are saying that the new version is even easier to use.

Does PlantSight work on Android?
Yes. It has been thoroughly tested on the Motorola Xoom with Android v. 3.1 and is identical to the iPad version.

Why should I buy PlantSight over other products on the market?
PlantSight is extremely easy to use and therefore the project managers, engineers, field technicians and owners love it. Because PlantSight accelerates the process of delivering information, it will compress your schedule saving you time and money!

What is the ROI (Return on Investment) of PlantSight?
Our customers reach a 100% return on investment before they are halfway through the inspection processes of their first project! Since subsequent projects are licensed at a significant discount, the ROI will be sooner.

Returning to PlantSight on subsequent projects is a “no-brainer”. When used in other phases such as commissioning, start-up and routine maintenance, the ROI is even greater.

Is the equipment used by PlantSight only available through you?
No. PlantSight Software will operate in the field for inspection on a variety of hardware devices including iPad 2, Android 3.1 Tablets, Windows Touch Screen Tablet and a computer with browser software that supports Adobe Flash for on-line data entry. We will be happy to provide a complimentary quote for the equipment needed.

What is required to operate PlantSight?
PlantSight will operate in the field on iPad 2, Android 3.1 or a Windows Tablet PC. It will also work for reporting or on-line entry on any PC or MAC running standard browser software with Adobe Flash Support. Since it is a web application, an internet connection is required.

Do I have to have an internet connection in the field for PlantSight to work?
No. PlantSight operates in two modes, On-Line and Stand Alone. While using On-Line mode, there are no requirements other than those stated above.

Stand-Alone mode works slightly different!  The PlantSight App will already be installed on your iPad, Android or Tablet PC.  Connect to the internet before you begin the field inspection and sync. While internet is necessary to sync, it is not necessary to perform inspections.  After the inspection is complete, return to a location with internet access and simply sync again!  The synchronization process can take anywhere from 10 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on the time and breadth of inspection.  We highly recommend synchronizing as often as possible, as other parties may be adding and editing information from different locations.  PlantSight recognizes the importance of keeping everyone that is involved with the project on the same page, or as we like to call it, sync’d!

Do I have to purchase a license or “seat” for every user?
Absolutely NOT. PlantSight is licensed “per project” and you can have as many users on the system as you would like. In fact, we encourage a “single punch list” model for the project by including the engineer, field technician and project manager as a part of the PlantSight process.

Do I have to buy a PlantSight license for each project?
Yes. Each project requires separate project space on our servers along with initial setup, configuration and ongoing support by our technical support staff; therefore we create a separate license for each project.

However, subsequent projects are licensed at a significant discount. Since PlantSight saves so much time and effort in the overall Punch List management process, the decision to use PlantSight is easy. PlantSight actually decreases the overall cost of the project while significantly enhancing the ability of the development team.  PlantSight provides less effort, less confusion and less cost for everyone.

I'm a small contractor with lots of small projects. Can I use PlantSight?
Yes! We have options for small contractors that allow you to bundle several smaller jobs into a single PlantSight project. As your business expands and grows, you can upgrade your license to accommodate more jobs. Call us to discuss these options today!